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Additional services

To make the party even more fun, ask us for additional services (click on the name of the service to view more information)
Pannkoogitort 2kg 25€

Nutella kook 1,5kg 29€

Puuviljavaagen 1kg 15€

Juurviljavaagen 1kg 15€

Näomaalingud al 70€


Both children and adults can have their faces painted by a professional.

In one hour, the face painter reaches approximately:

  1. very simple and small paintings 15 faces per hour
  2. small paintings 7-10 faces per hour
  3. large paintings 5-7 faces per hour

When ordering, please indicate the number of children and how many hours you want the face painter for. Payment in cash!


  • 1h – 70 EUR
  • 1,5h – 100 EUR
  • 2h – 135 EUR
Peojuht Lotte 1h
(sisaldab kostüümirenti) 180€
  • a sweet treat as a gift for the birthday child and small guests
  • activities and games
  • Lotte performing a song from the musical “Kosmonaut Lotte”
  • Fun drawing game
  • exciting search game
  • Payment in cash!
Õhupalliloomad 1h 110€

Animal figures made from long balloons will make every child’s eyes shine. Payment in cash!  

Balloon swords, shields, cars, airplanes, flowers, butterflies, bees, bracelets, crowns, turtles, octopuses, dinosaurs, fish, monkeys, penguins, parrots, tigers, elephants and many other characters are the highlight of every party. When it’s time to go home, each child gets to take their very own balloon figure. At parties, shapes consisting of one to four balls are generally made.

The balloon maker can make over 300 different designed balloon figures. Let your imagination run wild and test your balloon master skills!

Balloon animals
Peterburi tee 2, Tallinn